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Hooray for List of Links (LoL)

Before I give you the LoL, I wanted to let you know to be sure to keep an eye on “That’s All I Have to Say About That” next week. There’s some pretty neat stuff in the works that should be worthy of your time :)

Amazon dropped a gajillion dollars on Zappos. We were all disappointed with Lebron’s dunk video. 1,345 social media experts joined Twitter. These were just some of the things that went on this week. Some of the best reads I came across this week were:


  • “The Power of the Unexpected” by Lisa Barone (Outspoken Media) – There are a couple reasons you should read this. One, it has an awesome video that everyone I have shown has loved. Two, Lisa makes a tremendous point: Why do something normal when you can surprise your customer (in a good way)?
  • Here’s Why Amazon Bought Zappos” (Mashable) – This article goes in depth on the acquisition, with all sorts of details. Interesting stuff.

Social Media

  • “What the Cool Kids Can Teach Us About Selling Outby Danny Brown – Contains a couple YouTube videos discussing product placement and sponsored videos on YouTube, with reactions from Danny and commentors. There are some good points made in the comments section. You should probably check it out.
  • Call it Back to School 2.0” (BrandWeek) – This one’s about some major retailers (JCPenney, OfficeMax, and Staples) and how they’re using social media for back to school season. I put this on here because I’m not convinced AT ALL they’ve committed to social media. They just have a few online gimmicks, no commitment.


Have a great weekend!

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  • Danny Brown July 24, 2009, 9:09 am

    Hey there Jackie,

    Thanks for the shout, fella, and glad you enjoyed the post in question – sometimes the simplest are the best :)

    The videos do show that advertisers and marketers can’t take anyone for granted, and hopefully this will become the norm as opposed to the rare.

    Cheers, fella, checking the other links now and bookmarking for later reading. And now I’m intrigued about “That’s All I Have to Say About That” :)

    Have a great weekend, my friend. :)

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