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LoL – List of Linkadinks

This week we found out why Big Papi is Big Papi, Twitter got a new paint job, and Turtle got two new cars for his birthday on Entourage. These were just some of the highlights of the week that was, here are some of the better reads I came across over the past week:

Fun links for the week – An ode to super mario and the little goomba bad guys

Below is why you should play sports when you’re young (according to Canada)

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Check out this week’s List of Linkadinks from @jackieadkins – http://bit.ly/FrNeu

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  • Matt Cheuvront August 1, 2009, 8:12 am

    Thanks for the shout on on my ‘About Page’ post – seems to have been timely and relevant to what a lot of folks were thinking about. Great being a part of your guest-series this week as well. Cheers!

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