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I always love Instagram.

But I sometimes hate how Instagram is used.

What it comes down to is some folks just need to dial it down a bit on Instagram. Especially brands. The two transgressions that I see most frequently are 1) Posting crappy content and 2) Posting too frequently.

While I’ve gotten used to seeing photos from friends that are grainy, have poor lighting, and have 5 filters applied to them…it irks me to see brands do this. I like my friends, which means I enjoy photos of their daily adventures no matter how blurry they are. Very few brands get that same benefit of the doubt. You have the resources to take good photos.

Even if it is high quality content, if you post 5 photos in a row, that’s annoying. Personally I’m going to at least consider unfollowing you.

In a way, that’s what makes me love following the Instagrammers below. When it’s bad, it’s bad. But when it’s good. It’s reeeeally good. I’m not saying you need to go and follow all of these folks, but I do think there’s something that can be learned from each of them. They inspire me both personally and in the photos we publish on Instagram at my job for Lowe’s Racing.

Without further ado, here are some people who are killin’ it, and why…

I’ve joked with people that the secret of Instagram is to get in real close to the subject, tilt your camera, and snap a photo. Connortd kind of flips that on its head. A lot of his photos are a bit further away, he does a lot of portraits, and they’re very symmetrical. And, I really like how he uses very simple, bright backgrounds in a lot of his photos. Well done Connor!

Take your pick among Nike Instagram accounts, they do a great job across the board, but their running account is one of the best that I’ve come across. It does an excellent job of sharing photos that highlight the culture around running on top of photos of their products.

This account just makes me wish I was better at photoshop. Very cool how it combines amazing photography with amazing editing.

Next time you think you’re struggling for content, imagine you had to think of hundreds of ways to talk about ONE object. A building. The Empire State Building account handles this challenge really well.

Simplicity. That’s what makes this account cool. How do you take a photo without any subjects in it? Watch and learn.

Time is known for great photography in its magazines, and they have the same quality on Instagram.

Who knew a hedgehog was so photogenic?

The TSA’s account is terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. I’m still not sure this account needs to exist in the first place. But it does, so I have to share it.

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow? Who do you get your inspiration from?

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